Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Before we came to Colombia, my prayer was that I wouldn't put a limit on God. When we arrived I did, on the other hand, expect to only share my testimony once or eighty times, but God had other plans. He was able to use me as well as the rest the team as instruments to lead people to Christ. I was also given an opportunity to talk more personally with dozens of girls who have experienced similar trials. This trip has forever changed me. -Devon C

All I can say is that God moves. We are weak and we doubt, but He will do what He wants. He is just and wise. Love, trust, and serve Him because He is the creator of all, He knows all, and loves you with a reckless, jealous, and dangerous love. I pray that you know the peace and joy of God that I know at this moment. I love you all so very much. -Shane N

This was the most amazing trip of my life. I feel very blessed to have been able to serve God on this missions trip. Doing dramas, construction, worship and prayer, and evangalism. Giving our testimonies was awesome. The lives that we have impacted during our trip and finding a purpose in God giving us stories to tell other people is a blessing. I have learned to serve God in a much greater capacity and pray that it continues for the rest of my life. -Tom M
When I got here I was worried we wouldnt be accepted, but when I watched so many people get saved in two weeks, my worries faded into hope for the people here :) -Colin S
This trip was so amazing! Its a little different than I thought it was going to be but God has moved in huge ways in the Colombians lives and in our lives! One thing that I saw is that no matter how I felt or how any of us felt, God still moved. Its great to see their hearts respond to God. -Susan M

God has made me realize and acknowledge the need around the world, in food, clothes, shelter, and Christ. He showed me the meaning of "his sheep will know His voice". And most of all, He showed me alot about myself: socially, spiritually, and just how far true repentance extends, (and how far away I am from it).
sorry for being so vague, yea, word. -Alex P
Coming to Colombia I was everything but confident. After being here one month, I have learned so many things about the culture but the most important is the need for Jesus. And the best part is all you have to do is tell them about His love and they will except Him as their personal Savior!! Its that simple. I have eaten wierd food, met amazing people, and slept in ten different places, but I gained so much love for these people! -Sarah S
God showed me how to truley have faith in Him through prayer. One of the leaders prayed for me and because of her faith, I was instantly healed from my cold. He also brought an amazing child named Sebastian into my life who really touched me. And I plan to continue to support him. God is so merciful and is constantly showing me ways to impact others. -Savanna
Coming here to Colombia I was super excited to see what i could get accomplished. I had been to other countries before and i had some similar expectations for here. When i got here it was the biggest slap in the face i could have recived! I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people; Colombian and North Americans. I truly belive that coming down here saved my life as much as the the people we talked to. God put a few special people on my heart and i plan to do all i can to support them and give them a life worth living! -Tom B
My experience in Colombia has made the biggest impact in my life thanks to God. Each host home and missionary has taught me more love and compassion than I could have ever imagined. But most of all I know this trip has brought me and hundreds of kids closer to God. The main thing I think God has taught me in these 2 weeks is that I can be selfish when there are people hurting around the world and that have not even heard about our God. -Eric S